M SeriesDescription The POPE Professional® introduces new class D amplifier technology offering smooth and responsive handling with massive power output while maintaining POPE Professional's famous sonic integrity. The POPE Professional M Series M-

XD SeriesDescription The POPE Professional® XD Series is our most complete fixed architecture digital processor with a focus on audio performance, FIR filters, and digital I/O flexibility. Our state of the art processor provides 96kHz sampling - 40

GL-218BDescriptionThe POPE Professional® GL-218B sub-woofer utilizes band pass technology. The system incorporate two 18" Neodymium transducers. The sub-woofer produces sound pressure level (SPL) of 128 dB on axis at 1 meter with a power input of 1

SE-231DescriptionThe POPE Professional® SE-231 Graphic Equalizer is designed for modern sound reinforcement applications. Smooth band-pass filtering and transparent low-noise circuitry provide virtually distortion free operation. The SE-231 has bee

TH-615DescriptionThe POPE Professional® TH-612, TH-615, TH-622, TH-625, TH-635, TH-615B and TH-618B loudspeakers are designed for near field applications in distributed sound reinforcement and small outdoor venues.The system is based on low freque

GL-10DescriptionThe POPE Professional® GL series, GL-10 is a two-way Line Array utilizes the new technology Directivity Correction Horn (DCH) ensures the constant directivity in the high frequency range. The Waveguide Physical Driver (WPD) increase

GL-212DescriptionThe POPE Professional® GL-212 is a Three-way Line Array speaker system designed for large venues and live concert. The Line Array speaker consist of two 12" Neodymium woofer that is circuited parallel, mounted in separate bass refl

GL-12DescriptionThe POPE Professional® GL-12 is a three-way Line Array system. The Line Array speaker consist of one 12" Neodymium woofer that is circuited independently, mounted in separate bass reflex enclosure and four high efficiency power hand

M-12ADescriptionThe POPE Professional® M-12A is an ultra-compact, high performance active stage monitor which combines maximum enclosure volume with optimum presentation angle in a low profile and contemporary design. It features a high-performance

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